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@SEBikes 2017 Public Enemy Big Ripper

public enemy bike

BMX legend and Se Bikes Brand Manager Todd Lyons linked up with the Iconic HipHop Group Public Enemy to create a Public Enemy Branded Big Ripper collaboration! This first of it’s kind collaboration between a HipHop group and a BMX Brand has the web buzzing.

In celebration of the collaboration, NYC Wheelie Wizard DBlocks along with Todd Lyon’s lead an epic Rideout from Harlem to Brooklyn with 250+ riders to meet up with PE leader Chuck D at a free PE concert and show him the bikes first hand. Chuck D and Flavor Flav were loving the bikes and the huge movement of bicycle riders that took over the city.

About the Public Enemy Big Ripper:
Public Enemy has teamed up with SE Bikes, creators of some of the world’s most famous bikes, to create the Public Enemy Big Ripper, a bike that embodies the powerful ideals and personality of Public Enemy. With SE Bike’s trademark floval tubing and Landing Gear forks, plus a three piece padset featuring Public Enemy’s iconic logos and the titles of their most famous songs, the Public Enemy Big Ripper blends performance and style. ~PublicEnemy.com

Now remember this is a Big Ripper so it’s a quality bike that made to take a BMX style beating, no gimmicks!

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