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rrDBlocks Taking Wheelies To A Whole New Level


Harlem’s own rrDBlocks is now world famous with his crazy wheelie videos. He has a crazy variation of wheelie tricks that he does and he does them at speed. If you’ve seen some of his videos you’ll catch him playing chicken with cars, trucks, fire trucks, buses etc. He can cut in and out of traffic with the best of the pro track bike riders but he does it all on his rear wheel. BMX legend and SE Bikes Brand Manager Todd “Wildman” Lyons was so impressed by rrDblocks wheelie skills that he’s picked him up for a SE sponsorship! rrdblocks has nearly every kid in Harlem riding SE’s and doing wheelies all over the place it’s awesome to see. We’re looking fwd to see how Dblocks pushes the envelope this summer.
rrdblocks 2

rrdblocks 3


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