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Incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling Cory Williams Wins Dash 4 Cash

cory williams, cannondale Pro cycling

cory williams, cannondale Pro cycling

Here’s a photo of Incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling team member Cory Williams on the podium after his Dash 4 Cash win. Awesome!

Another win for the team, by Cory Williams! Today was “dash 4 cash” where $20 was on the line, every lap! All the guys did a great job chasing the money and securing the win! Great day here in Southern California and great weather!

About incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team:

The Incycle-Cannondale Pro Cycling Team is ready to take on the NRC and NCC calendar. With riders from across the globe the team has experience racing in various formats and styles creating a cohesion that can only be obtained through this type of diversity.


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