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How The Truth BMX Mechanicsville Got Its Name

Truth BMX Mechanicsville frame, eric spears

Truth BMX Products Co-Owner Eric Spears posted up photos of the Truth BMX Street frame “Mechanicsville” on his social medial platforms. He wanted to let the fans of his brand know how he came up with the name. Eric snapped a photo of himself holding up the Mechanicsville frame while he was standing in front of the Mechanicsville, Maryland town sign.
Truth BMX Mechanicsville frame

I thought this would be pretty cool to show people where TRUTH came up with the name “Mechanicsville” for our street frames. Right above the hill is where I was raised. The next photo will be the “Hollywood”. Never forget where you came from! #truthbmx #truthbmxproducts #Mechanicsville ~Eric Spears

The names of the Truth street frame line up is based on their frame sizes. The Mechanicsville is the 21.25″ Top tube version of the street frames.Truth BMX Mechanicsville top tube
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