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Ghana Bamboo Bikes, Eco-Friendly And Empowering Women

Ghana bamboo bikes

Entrepreneur and Executive Director of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Bernice Dapaah has made a big impact on the lives of the people in Ghana with her eco-friendly bamboo bikes.

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative is a social enterprise that addresses climate change, poverty, rural-urban migration and youth unemployment by creating jobs for young people, especially women, through the building of high quality bamboo bicycles.

The company offers multipurpose second generation bamboo bikes that are suitable for the high terrain and rough roads for local and international needs using native bamboo.

“We believe that business opportunities exists in all the areas of Ghana and are committed to improving the standard of living of young Ghanaians through the creation of sustainable social enterprises.”

The video below features Ghana Bamboo Bikes founder and CEO Bernice Dapaah where she talks about the benefits her company and it’s impact on the community.

This link is an interview Bernice did a few years ago for Empowerwoman.org

Below is another awesome video about Bernice and Ghana Bamboo Bikes

Find out more about Ghana Bamboo Bikes HERE

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