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Chad Kerley- THE CINEMA VIDEO (@Chadkerley)

chad kerley, bmx

Chad Kerley has superior skills on a BMX bike and his part on “The Cinema” showcase just that and it will blow you away. This video which dropped back in September has over 200,000 views on Youtube, that’s how good it is. Check it out!

“Chad Kerley kicks off the Cinema Video with true excellence! After years of anticipation you may now feast your eyes on 7 minutes of top notch riding from one of the best in BMX, sure to satisfy all those who have been patiently waiting. Not only does Chad kill it but we are treated to cream of the crop guest clips from Corey Martinez, Dan Lacey, Dennis Enarson, Nathan Williams, and Dakota Roche. Lucky for us this is just the beginning and there are many more Cinema Video sections to come over the course of the next 8-9 months. For all the details catch up with the man behind the project Will Stroud – http://digbmx.com/dig-this/making-the…” ~DIGBMX

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