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Bay Area BMXers Will Be Riding Supercross Frames This Year

howard cato Bay area bmx

Howard Cato and his Bay Area BMXers team will be rolling on some awesome Supercross Frames this year!! The 2017 massive team of 21 riders will be getting it in with style on some amazing BMX bikes

Below is the announcement that was made recently to BMXNews.com
“I want to give a big thanks to Bill Ryan at Supercross for the opportunity for Bay Area BMXers to be Co-Sponsored by his elite brand for 2017. I’m looking forward to a super year with our team and our new sponsors!”
~Howard Cato

“The Bay Area BMX team has made quite a bit of noise on the National scene and we are proud to be supporting them in their pursuit of the National #1 Bike Shop team. We know that between Bay Area BMX and Eric at Northwest BMX, you will be seeing many more Supercross’ leading the pack in Nor Cal and the Great Northwest.”
~Bill Ryan

bay area bmx supercross jersey

supercross envy blk

Nice picture on the bridge!!

A photo posted by Official 510 BayArea BMXers (@bayareabmxers) on


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