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2015 Junior Women BMX World Champion Axelle Etienne

French BMX Junior Women racer Axelle Etienne had an awesome year on the circut winning the Junior Women Championne de France 2015, European champion 2015 and World champion 2015!!Keep your eyes on her in 2016

“JUNIOR WOMEN: French National Champion, the ever-smiling Axelle ETIENNE(FRA) is the W#1 Junior in both race and TT and lately it’s a race for the 2nd place for the rest of the gate : Merel SMULDERS(NL) is right on her heels and Margot HETMANCZYK(FRA) close by (when not taking a “soil sample”) but Axelle is by herself in the first turn and in cruise control after the 2nd straight. Buying her time to race in Elite…” BMXANIA.com

Watch Axelle win the World Championship


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